Globalization is an interrelation and interconnection of peoples, organizations and countries as a result of international trade and commerce with the help

of information technology. Recent advancement in technology is increasingly improving globalization such that business organizations and product manufacturers can improve their productions, investments, advertisements and other services.

Many corporations and industries have developed their communication systems and product processing with the use of advanced information technology.

There is the need for every striving business organization to adopt advanced information technology and systems to connect them to the world. This information technology involves the use of computers, softwares, applications, hardware and other telecommunications systems. They enable easy communication between countries using their information systems and provides profitable business and economic relations between them. The evolution of computer software and hardware has aided globalization in such a way that people all over the world are interconnected. The development of the internet with all its useful tools has helped the process of disseminating informations and enabling effective communication systems. All these are contributing to the development of globalization. The process of Artificial intelligence has led to the rise of modern computer systems that can carry out some duties that would usually require the use of human intelligence.

Examples of such duties are recognition of speech, making decisions, visual perception and language translation. Global connection is made easy with these useful computer technology. Business organizations and companies who use computer systems that can perform these duties would save valuable resources without the use of more staff. This helps to increase the rate of investing in business opportunities in other nations due to reduced human errors and less language difficulties.
The system is designed in such a way that it can make specific planning, examine informations and identify locations. Companies that transact business with business organizations in other countries with different language can make use of these computer system with language translation.

These modern technologies "permit instantaneous communication among the far-flung operations of global enterprise" Stever Muroyama 2017. Fast and dependable means of communication is important for doing international business in the global business industry. The development of modern information and communication technology with the availability of mobile phones, internet and computer devices have had a significant effect on the improvement of globalization. These improvements have enabled business organizations to effectively communicate better with each other. This has improved the ease of doing business globally without bothering about time, proximity or place. These advancements has helped to eliminate the dependence of global business on proximity, place and time. Modern communication systems such as instant messaging, electronic mail and phones permits employers, employees and business partners to communicate across continents and countries effectively. Global telecommunications systems allow companies to deliver professional, instantaneous and global services to customers or clients.

The aim of modern information and communications technology according to a published work: The Globalization of Information Technology in Multinational Corporations" in the information management journal is stated below:

"To create globally integrated information infrastructures that electronically link their entire supply chains - their sales, production and delivery processes - into one seamless flow of information across national borders and time zones with both real - time and store - forward access to information from any location. (Stephens, 1999)

"Global business has been advanced due to the provision of modern information and communication technology and systems. Companies who want to strive in the competitive global business world must incorporate the use of modern information technology and systems on an international standard.

Modern information technology and systems are the major elements of advancing globalization. Fast interconnection of people, clients and business organizations to available products and services across the continents are the impacts of technology on globalization.


Robotics is an aspect of both engineering and science that encompasses mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.
Many young people have a keen interest in the latest science and technological developments because the knowledge of this course will be an avenue for a better career opportunity. This interest can be further developed by involving young people in technology- related tasks to help create more technological skills and inspire their learning abilities. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is necessary to adequately prepare students for the continual increase in technological innovations.

Learning robotics can help students become inventors, develop applications and write programmes instead of being mere users of this technology. Studying robotics enables students to create an innovative, dynamic and thoughtful technological mindset to make the world better. This takes students away from the usual stationary phase of sitting in front of a computer system into an arena of social activities. Learning robotics is fun, it improves students reasoning and solution finding skills which helps them in all spheres of life.
As the number of students increases, the advantages of studying computer systems also improves. Modern improvements in technology has increased the availability of robotics to an ordinary person. Robotics were not readily accessible in about twenty years ago because they were not improved and were minimized to smaller infrastructures. Today, they are sophisticated to use some sensors and motors and work with computer systems to enable programming at a cheaper price.
Some advantages of studying robotics in the classroom are stated below: